BloemBagz Displays

These displays include a mix of styles of BloemBagz in bright colors, earth tone colors, and our Down & Dirty charcoal.

BloemBagz Bright Display

Product ID Quantity
Tequila Sunrise, Amaranth, Honey Dew, Calypso

Includes: 3 each of 4 colors of: 2-gallon classic, mini herb planter, large herb planter, 5-gallon classic, strawberry planter, potato planter

BloemBagz Earth Tone Display

Product ID Quantity
Union Red, Living Green, Chocolate, Peppercorn

Includes: 24 1-gallon planters, 24 2-gallon planters, 24 3-gallon planters, 24 5-gallon planters, 24 7-gallon planters