Surprising Ways Gardening Benefits Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Ever wonder why that one gardening friend or family member is always so happy? Kind of annoying, isn’t it? You’re probably are thinking “how much fun is getting dirty and sweaty actually sound?” Well, your close gardening kin aren’t crazy, turns out there are some amazing mental and physical health benefits from getting down and dirty.
A way to be outside + Natural Vitamin D

If you work anything close to a nine to five, getting outside is not always a part of your daily routine, especially my work from home people. If you get to Friday and can’t remember the last time you saw daylight (sorry walking to your car doesn’t count) gardening might be the perfect hobby for you. Take your lunch break for instance, and yes, you should be taking a lunch break, and use that time as a chance to get outside and pant a new succulent. Getting that those vitamin D rays could help improve your mood and lead to a happier last part to your workday. You don’t have to go crazy either, start by buying a potted plant and make it a goal to go out and water it and just take a few zen minutes in the sun.

A sense of purpose

It can be incredibly easy to realize you’ve been living on autopilot for a minute. Wake up, drink coffee, go to work, come home, make dinner, and go to bed. Get the picture? That feeling is rough and can lead to this “what next?” mentality. Taking care of some greenery is such a simple way to add mindfulness and a sense of new purpose to your day. Interjecting these small moments, such as repotting a plant or taking time to water them, adjust your routine and gets you out of that mental and physical loop you might be dreading. So, go to your local nursery, pick out a plant and start there. Also, giving it a silly name always helps.

Plant community = new friends

Making new friends is a tall order as an adult. Sometimes you don’t even realize you haven’t made a new connection in years, well Bloem is here to remind you that it’s always a good time to add to your circle, and what better way than to find a new hobby along with it? I’m sure you’ve seen how the plant community has blown up on social media platforms (anyone else addicted to plant-tok?) and for good reasons! It’s not just about educating, but meeting people who are also starting their gardening journey. Our tip: go on Facebook and see of there are local plant communities in your area and start adding to the conversation! Another great way to meet some other plant novices is to visit your local nurseries and see if they have any gardening 101 classes.

Gardening as a hobby or as a passion has a quite a few benefits, even though we only listed three here. The best way to find out how gardening will improve your life, go out and do it!
Let us know what you love about gardening, no gatekeeping here.