Have you ever scrolled through Pinterest and wondered how artists make things that look so dainty? We have!

That’s where this beautifully-crafted floral wreath comes in; it had us fighting over who got to take it home. Made using tulle, paper or silk flowers, and an embroidery hoop, this wreath makes the perfect wall accessory for any flower enthusiast. Here’s how to make one for yourself!

Materials Needed:

  • Embroidery Hoops
  • Tulle Fabric (We bought 1/2 a yard and used it for two hoops.)
  • Paper or Silk Flowers (We purchased ours from Hobby Lobby
  • Scissors
  • Thin Wire or Glue


  1. Cut a strip of the tulle fabric that is larger than your embroidery hoop. We decided to trim our fabric down after we had finished making the hoop, so our original pieces of tulle were quite large.
  2. Put the tulle inside of your embroidery hoop and pull it taught.
  3. Place your flowers on your tulle and start securing them in place. We used small wires slipped through the back of the flowers and twisted to keep the flowers in place. You could also use glue for this step. Do whatever feels the most comfortable! You may also have to cut some of the flowers apart like we did til they fit where you need them to.
  4. Keep placing and securing flowers until you feel like your design is done.
  5. Optional: Loosen your hoop a little bit and begin bunching any extra tulle your left hanging.
  6. Cut off extra tulle that you don’t want hanging from your hoop.
  7. Hang it on the wall and you’re done!