Spring is (finally) upon us and that calls for another flower-themed DIY! It’s just right for kids and adults to do together and makes a nice addition to whatever Bloem planter you choose.

Materials Needed:
  • Buttons
  • Tons of Paper Flowers (We purchased flowers similar to these from Hobby Lobby)
  • Pre-Wired Wooden Sticks (We purchased these from Hobby Lobby)
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Flower Foam
  • A Bloem Planter (We used a 6″ Freesia in Peppercorn)
  1. Spread out your flowers and begin picking ones that you like.
  2. Stack them on top of each other with the center holes lined up.
  3. Pick out a button that matches and place it on top of the flowers you chose.
  4. Take one of the pre-wired sticks and, one by one starting with the back flower in the stack, begin poking the wire through the holes in the middle of the flowers.
  5. Poke the flower through one of the holes in the button and back through a hole on the opposite side of the button, weaving it back through the holes in the middle of the flowers.
  6. Wrap the remaining wire around the stick so it is hidden behind the flowers.
  7. Tie a bow around the ‘stem’ using the ribbon to create leaves.
  8. Cut a piece of flower foam the size of the bottom of the planter you chose. Stick your flowers into the foam and you’re done!